Gritty action and high concept thrills combine in LEVEL UP, a British, contemporary and distinctly unhinged thriller starring Josh Bowman, which bursts on to digital HD download on September 5th.

Matt (Josh BowmanRevenge), a directionless 20 something and one half of a young couple living in London has an unsuccessful date night with his girlfriend, Anna (Leila Mimmack – TV’s Home Fires), and they go to bed on an argument. The next morning, masked thugs kidnap Anna as she leaves for work before assaulting Matt, locking him into a body vest containing a package and giving him a mobile phone. If Matt wants to see his girlfriend alive again he must follow the instructions being delivered by text message and deliver the package. Over the course of one, high-octane day Matt must make his way across an increasingly strange and sinister London as a host of characters and situations attempt to prevent him from succeeding in his mission to save Anna.  All the while, Matt can’t shake the feeling he is being watched, or worse yet, played…

Written and directed by feature film debutante Adam Randall, Level Up is a unique adrenaline ride with an immersive reality gaming twist, led brilliantly by Josh Bowman, and supported by Neil Maskell (High Rise, Kill List, TV’s Utopia), William Houston (Sherlock Holmes) and Doc Brown (David Brent: Life on the Road).

Switch on for this year’s most electrifying, home-grown thriller as Level Up bursts onto Home Entertainment platforms this September.


  • Title:                                      Level Up
  • Release Date:                    Digital HD from 5th September, 2016

Blu-Ray & DVD from 19th September, 2016

  • Format:                                                Digital & Blu-ray / DVD
  • Certificate:                          15
  • Run Time:                            84 mins
  • Extra Features:                 ‘5 minutes with Leo Pearlman’

‘10 minutes with Plaid’

‘Adam Randall and Eben Bolten’

‘Around London’

‘Cast & Crew’

‘Costume Design’

‘Estate Flat Tour’

‘Fun On Set’

‘Edit Process’


‘Taxi Bloopers’

‘Matt’s Character’

‘Through Screens’